Eternity F5J

* Continuation of the successful series Infinity NG/EVO  was called Eternity

* Latest design from our years of experience in F5J, multi-dihedral wing for easy control in      each flying condition

* Special low drag wing airfoil by Dirk Pflug , special 5 different airfoils which are used on  Eternity Wing

* Wing area : 74,42 dm2 V tail area : 7,52 dm2.

* Airfoil thickness in root rib 7,8% , middle to tip 6,9%

* Wing is 4 panel , 2 piece fuselage , 2 piece V tail.

* 2 piece fuselage , front part possible 2,4 friendly

* Easy to travel, the shipping box has inside dimensions of 1200x280x100mm

* Easy to assemble at the field , no tools needed , just tape / push parts together and tape

* Both ailerons are controlled with one servo, and a special connection system reduces any torsional stress during movement

* Ballast placed in the middle of the wing, for fast and easy access

* Wing is constructed with solid core technology in aluminum molds , during production all parts are post cured to high temperatures

* Nose of the fuselage was designed by George Mirov famous producer competition propeller

* Servos for the tail are located in the tail boom where it meets with the pod

* Pre-installed IDS + in the middle part of the wing inbuilt special high temperature resistant teflon cable, to reduce time during build

* Servo bays in the wing are completely molded in, full carbon caps, master piece of technology

* Much more details from productions soon

Recomended servo set-up:


V tail : HV75K-R

Flap: HV6130

Aileron: HV6120


V tail : X08

Flap : X10mini

Aileron : X08plus

Recommended power units for our plane :

Eternity performance:

Tenshock EDF 1515 - 15T 5:1

prop GM competion line 14x10


Eternity light:

Tenshock VIPER-CC 1020-12T 5:1 prop GM competion line 12x10  13x10

Eternity FAI limit :

Leopard LC250-30 5:1

prop GM 10x6